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Seasonal Products

Everything Sunday River regulars want and need for an awesome season on the slopes. 

Seasonal Products

  • category portal thumbnail Constant Care Tuning

    Our Constant Care program allows you to leave your skis or board with us every night and pick them up tuned to prime condition in the morning. Whether they need a full tune, edge service, or just the proper wax our tuners will make sure that your skis or board are ready when you are. Constant Care is $429 for the 17-18 season.

  • category portal thumbnail Equipment Lockers

    A limited number of seasonal equipment lockers are available at South Ridge and Barker Lodges. Cost starts at $359 for the winter season. To reserve a locker, call 207-824-5014 or email

  • category portal thumbnail Parking Passes

    A limited number of parking passes to use on weekends and holidays are available for Barker, $499, and South Ridge, $429. Spaces will be reserved until 10:00AM. For more information, visit Guest Services in the South Ridge Lodge. 

Seasonal Programs

  • category portal thumbnail Kids Seasonal Programs

    For a fun and productive way for your kids to spend the winter, we offer several programs to best fit their needs.

  • category portal thumbnail Adult Seasonal Programs & Clubs

    With three clubs to choose from, you'll have no reason not to get out on the hill this winter.

  • category portal thumbnail Competition Programs

    Want to take your skills to the next level? Join the best junior competition program in the country.