Go50 Week

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Chairlifts > Armchairs. (A mathematical fact.)

January 26, 2015 - January 30, 2015

At Sunday River, we have an exceptional over-50 crowd. We don't know whether it's Maine's chilly air that helps keep our aged contingent spritely or whether Sunday River skiers are simply a heartier group, but we are damn proud to have such a loyal and, uh, experienced clientele.

Go50 Week is all about celebrating that guy who's put in 30 years as a high school math teacher and shreds on the weekends, the mom who skis bumps better than her college-aged kids, the Sunday River lifer with a couple of knee surgeries under his belt. It's about rejecting the armchair and embracing the chairlift. It's about saying, "Hey, age is just a number." Except that in this case, age is also a badge of honor. And as such, it'll get you all kinds of sweet deals this week.

Go50 Week activities include free Snowflake Factory tours, a wine dinner, moonlit snowshoeing, and live entertainment, plus great vacation packages starting at $89 per person, per night that combine lift tickets, lodging, and an adult Perfect Turn clinics.

To speak with a human, call 800-543-2754.