« All Events April 12, 2014

Get ready for the biggest and best pond skimming event that Sunday River has ever seen. Pond-A-Palooza will take pond skimming its former role as a side show during Parrothead Festival to a full-blow event of its own.

All Pond-A-Palooza festivities will take place at South Ridge to allow for a better spectator area, and we're planning a double pond that will require contestants to successfully cross one pond before dropping over the edge and continuing across a second pond to reach the end.

The top prize of the day will be a 2014-15 New England Pass, and we'll have a handful of additional prizes including a wireless Kicker sound system.  Judges will consider a contestant's success in completing the course as well as the level of dificulty of their chosen line and their style.  Costumes are highly encouraged and can only help with the judges.

If you've never tried pond skiming before, it's easy.  First, wear the most ridiculous outfit you can imagine. Second, no matter what, resist all temptation to check your speed on the in-run. Don't lean too far backward or forward; just try to feel for the sweet spot-which, of course, you won't know until you hit the water. And if you sense you're going to fall, be bold and go down with a sense of purpose and dedication to creating the largest wipe-out possible.

Registration will begin 9 am at the pond venue at South Ridge, and will be limited to 100 competitors for the judged contest.  Given the challenging pond set-up and the need to carry momentum, pond skimming is recommended for ages 18 and up, however those under 18 are allowed to sign up with a parent or guardian present to sign the release. Pond skimming will begin at 11am, and run approximately two hours.