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7/25/2016 - 8/4/2016

Grand Summit
Jordan Hotel
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Projected availability, may change without notice. Updated  7/26/2016 7:52 AM



Calendar Reminder:

Calendars were due back on or before June 3, 2016. Please make sure you have filled out and returned your calendar.

 Jordan Hotel Owners:

Check out the link (in the right hand column under helpful links) to your new Facebook page! This is a closed group, you must send a request through the Facebook link to be accepted. Please include your unit number and the quarter that you own in the request.  

Owner Service - Off Season Hours April 1, 2016 - Dec 2, 2016

We are currenlty in the office Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Benefits of Hotel Ownership 

As a Sunday River hotel owner you enjoy the beauty of the Western Maine Mountains in your own backyard.  Enjoying all four seasons is easy when you have a full time staff committed to making your vacation experience the very best.  At your vacation home you may also enjoy a variety of amenities such as: pools, spas, shops, ski check, restaurants and fitness centers.

In addition to these great amenities, owners also enjoy the following benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions 



  • Need to board your pet during your stay? 
    Visit Tucker's Doghouse or contact Erin Hanley at 207-381-7442. Tucker's Doghouse offers daycare and overnight boarding.

  • How do I book Space Available Stays?
    Email (preferred) or call up to 72 hrs prior to the date you'd like to check in.  Please include your name, Unit number,  Hotel you own at and how many nights you would like in your correspondence.  For a weekend request place your email or call as early as 4:00 PM the TUE before.  Requested will be processed in the order received on WED.

  • When are my Association Dues due?
    Owners are billed quarterly: May 1st, Aug 1st, Nov 1st & Feb 1st.  Payment should be received no more than 30 days from statement.

  • Can I pay my Association Dues by credit card?
    Yes, please keep in mind that there is a 3% fee that will be added to your dues to cover credit card charging cost. You would contact lodging accounting at 207-824-5857 to make a credit card payment.

  • Can I include my Association Dues with my BVC/ RCI housekeeping payment on the same check?
    Please make separate checks.  Association Dues are to be made payable to your Association. BVC/ RCI payments are to be made payable to Sunday River Ski Resort.  You may put both checks in the same envelope.

  • I want to make a reservation for an additional unit, or for an unowned week.
    How can I do this without paying retail?  Use our exchange programs!  Enroll in Boyne Vacation Club or RCI to stay at any of their resorts including your home resort.

  • Can I upgrade to a larger unit? 
    All units are deeded.  That means your owned weeks are particular to the purchased  unit.  During unowned weeks Space A stays (when available) allow for use of equivalent, or smaller units.  There are no upgrades through the Space A program. 

  • Do I need to send in my rental agreement contract?
    Yes! Send it in.  Always be conservative on your own behalf.  Sometimes it's difficult to get back space that you've given to rent when we're nearing 100% occupancy!  We can always release time back to the rental pool.

  • Can I let a guest stay in my unit when it is my week?
    Yes, please contact Owner Services so we can put in their name and be able to greet them at the front desk.  Also, remember that they will have a housekeeping charge upon checkout.

  • Should I keep all the statements that come with my rental income check?
    Definitely! Owners need to know the number of Owner usage days, the number of days rented and the total income for tax purposes. You should also keep them to match your total rent received for your 1099 that is sent to you by the end of January for the pervious year.

  • Can you tell me how much income I will receive?
    Please wait to review your income statements, as outlined in the rental agreement.  To get an idea of projected income,  refer to your Hotel's Rate Schedule.  These Retail Rates are before fees are taken out.  Fees are variable and include things like 4% fund, 3% credit card processing, taxes, etc.  Fees are not calculated until after the reservation has checked out.  After fees the rental net income split is 45% Manager 55% Owner. Your Lodging Accountant will help with any statement questions 207.824.5857.

  • I was told I had a renter but the reservation never actualized. What happened?
    Please remember reservations are in a constant state of flux and as a result rental income is not guaranteed.  Many things can cause changes to a reservation-cancellations/room moves/shortened stays and other extenuating  circumstances.

  • When do I get my Rental Income check?
    Sunday River's accounting month closes on the last Sunday of each month and a check is sent out within 30 days.

  • How can I connect with other owners?
    Both Hotel Owner Associations have Facebook Pages. See links listed above.

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