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Make Spruce Great Again

As you well know, the Spruce Peak Triple took a tumble this summer and we've been hard at work getting to the bottom of it. And while we'd love to sit here and share stories about the good old (slow) days on the Spruce Peak Triple that was, there are more important things to discuss. Namely, we'll be replacing the Spruce Peak Triple with a brand new lift.

"Say what?!" you say. Well, it's true.  Spruce is getting an upgrade! This fixed-grip triple chairlift from Doppelmayr, complete with a conveyor loading system, will get you from the bottom to the top a full two minutes faster, meaning you can ski Spruce Peak's signature corduroy two minutes sooner than ever before.

We're still noodling away at what this construction timeline will look like as we delve into engineering plans with Doppelmayr, but we just couldn't wait any longer to let you in on the big news! Have no fear—you'll still be able to hit American Express, Risky Business, and Downdraft this winter as conditions allow. Just take the Aurora Peak Quad to Borealis before a tiny hike up Sirius while we get down to business replacing the lift. 

What's more, we've already begun construction on another lift project, too. Much like an episode of Pimp My Ride, we're getting a shiny new top terminal for the Locke Mountain Triple due to design similarities to the old Spruce lift. We expect this project to be finished right around opening day. Again, no worries. We'll still be first in the East to open, because if Locke isn't quite ready for action, we'll make snow on Aurora Peak to be accessed by the Chondola. 

Still dreaming of warm sun and grass between your toes? Visit our summer activities page to get the lowdown on the Mountain Park. We'll be over here, cranking the AC, donning down jackets, and perusing blueprints. 

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