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* July 20, 2016 *

Preliminary findings by MountainGuard engineers have identified concrete grout failure as a possible cause of the Spruce Peak Triple terminal detachment. Concrete grout had been used to adhere steel reinforcement bars which secured the foundation of the lift terminal to bedrock. MountainGuard's engineers will return to the resort on Thursday, July 21 to take core samples from the bedrock where concrete grout is present to use in its tests. Earlier this week, Sunday River was given permission by MountainGuard to de-tension the haul rope, which in turn lowered all remaining chairs on the Spruce Peak Triple. The site remains closed as a safety precaution during this on-going investigation. No decision has been made yet on repairing or replacing the lift.

* July 12, 2016 *

Chairlift terminal and deckOn Sunday evening, July 10, 2016, Sunday River Resort's lift maintenance manager discovered that the foundation of the top terminal of the Spruce Peak Triple chairlift had become detached from the underlying ground.  The detachment caused the top terminal to be pulled downhill, which released tension on the haul rope and caused the rope and chairs to lower to the ground between some of the lift's towers.

The reason for the foundation failure is currently unknown and is under investigation by the State of Maine Board of Elevator and Tramway Safety, MountainGuard insurance, and Sunday River's engineers. Access to Spruce Peak has been closed to all public access as a safety precaution and as requested by the Maine Board of Elevator and Tramway Safety while the investigation is underway.

Chairlift terminal laying on sideThe Spruce Peak Triple does not operate in the summer and there were no injuries as a result of the incident, which was unwitnessed. Sunday River is committed to the safety of all of its guests and employees, and will issue updates here as information becomes available. Following the investigation a report will be made public by the State of Maine Board of Elevator and Tramway Safety.

Decisions on repairing or replacing the lift have not been made at this point and will depend on several factors, including the results of the investigation. The resort is committed to moving forward as quickly as possible.

The Spruce Peak Triple is a three passenger fixed grip chairlift built in 1986 and manufactured by Borvig. The chairlift is located on Spruce Peak and is 4,205 feet long with a vertical of 1,205 feet. The chair operates in the winter months only, across 18 lift towers, and has the capacity to carry 1,700 guests per hour. Like all of Sunday River's chairlifts, it receives daily inspections for safety when in operation, in addition to weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance and testing. The lift is also inspected annually by the State of Maine Board of Elevator and Tramway Safety, with the last inspection and load test performed in fall 2015.

Chairlift terminal laying on side


Media inquiries can be directed to Darcy Lambert at dlambert@sundayriver.com or 207-824-5243.
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