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August 18, 2016

Sunday River plans to install a new three-person chairlift on Spruce Peak and is building a new top terminal on Locke Mountain.

The new Spruce Peak Triple will be a $2.1 million dollar Doppelmayr fixed-grip three-passenger chairlift to be built in the same location as the original lift. And like the original, the new Spruce Peak Triple will use a conveyor system to help load passengers onto the chairlift. Passenger ride time is expected to improve from 12 minutes to 10 minutes. A construction timeline for the new Spruce Peak Triple is still to be determined and will depend on several factors, including Doppelmayr's engineering plan as well as how quickly parts can be manufactured.

The decision to replace the 's 1986-built Spruce Peak Triple comes after the chairlift's top terminal detached from its foundation in an unwitnessed event on July 10, 2016. Engineers identified concrete grout failure as the cause of the detachment and determined that damage from the event warranted replacing the entire lift.

Based on these findings, Sunday River made the decision to also replace the top terminal of its Locke Mountain Triple chairlift. The Locke Mountain Triple is the only other chairlift at Sunday River engineered similar to the Spruce Peak Triple.

During the Spruce Peak Triple replacement interim, Spruce Peak terrain will open as conditions allow and can be accessed from the Aurora Peak Quad via Borealis and Sirius trails. Grooming and snowmaking will continue on Spruce Peak this winter regardless of the status of lift access.

Pending completion of the Locke Mountain top terminal installation, opening day terrain will either include trails on Locke Mountain or on Aurora Peak, accessed by the Chondola lift.

Updates on the new lift and operations plans for the winter will be posted on the Mountain Report.


Media inquiries can be directed to Darcy Lambert at dlambert@sundayriver.com or 207-824-5243.
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