Mountain Report

Trails and Lifts Report

Lift Report

  • Hold = Temporarily not running
  • Scheduled = Expected to open as scheduled
Lift # Lift Name Current Status
11 Little White Cap Quad open
10 White Heat Quad open
9 White Cap Quad open
4 Locke Mountain Triple open
1 Barker Mountain Express open
8 Spruce Peak Triple open
7 Chondola open
2 South Ridge Express open
16 Sundance Surface Lift open
6 North Peak Express open
3 Quantum Leap Triple closed
12 Aurora Peak Quad open
15 OZ Quad closed
14 Jordan Bowl Express open
13 Jordan Mountain Double closed
* Temporary changes may result from weather or snow conditions during the day.

Trail Report

  • Event = Event access only
  •   = Groomed within 24 hours
  •   = Snow made within 24 hours

White Cap

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
Green Cheese open
Lower Moonstruck open
Village Trail scheduled
Upper Moonstruck open
Starburst open
Heat's On open
Jibe open
Lower Tempest open
Wildfire open
Cutback open
Cutoff open
Heat's Off open
Salvation open
Obsession open
Assumption open
Starstruck open
Upper Tempest open
Snowbound open
Shock Wave scheduled
Hard Ball open
White Heat open
Chutzpah open
Rocking Chair Park open
Starlight open
Starwood open

Locke Mountain

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
Road Runner open
Over Easy open
Cascades open
Lower Monday Mourning event
Upper Sunday Punch open
Goat Path closed
Lower Upper Cut open
Sunday Punch open
Poma Road closed
Bim's Whim open
T2 event
Jim's Whim open
Locke Line scheduled
Upper Monday Mourning event
Crossbow scheduled
Tightwire open
Upper Cut open
1500 Road closed
Race Arena event

Barker Mountain

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
Lower Sunday Punch open
Three Mile Trail open
Ecstasy open
Jungle Road open
South Paw closed
Lazy River open
Sluice open
Outta Here open
Tourist Trap open
Right Stuff open
Last Tango scheduled
Agony closed
Top Gun closed
Rocking Chair open
Hollywood closed

South Ridge

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
Easy Street open
Exit Right open
Thataway open
Lower Lazy River open
Mixing Bowl open
Upper Broadway open
Spectator open
Double Dipper open
Sundance open
Northway open
Southway open
Ridge Express open
Ridge Run open
Who-Ville open
Lower Broadway open
Express Lane open
Lower Chondi Line open

Spruce Peak

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
Sirius open
Upper Risky Business open
American Express open
Lower Downdraft open
Exit Left open
Overdraft open
Upper Downdraft open
Lower Risky Business open
Gnarnia open

North Peak

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
North Woods closed
Second Thoughts open
Broadway Connection open
Second Mile open
Last Mile open
Dream Maker open
Polaris open
Sensation open
Escapade open
Grand Rapids open
Peak Easy open
Enchanted Forest open
Absolutely open
3D open
Northern Exposure open
Halfpipe open
Backside open
Jib Park open
T72 Park open
Upper Chondi Line open
Yetiville open

Aurora Peak

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
Lights Out open
Aludra open
Borealis open
Northern Lights open
Witch Way open
Firestar open
Airglow open
Vortex closed
Quantum Leap closed
Black Hole open
Celestial open
Super Nova open
Paradigm open

Oz Peak

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
Kansas open
Cowardly Lion closed
Cyclone open
State Fair open
Eureka open
Lost Princess open
Flyin' Monkey open
Emerald City open
Tin Woodsman open
Ruby Palace closed
Poppy Fields open

Jordan Bowl

Trail Status Groomed Snowmaking
Lollapalooza open
Rogue Angel open
Excalibur open
Blind Ambition open
Caramba open
Wizard's Gulch open
Roundabout open
Grand Avenue open